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Reception Q & A with Fausto Pifferrer

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Q. Why choose a historic home setting over a more convenient site (like a ballroom)?
A. Choosing a historic house for your reception can help you create that fairy-tale look that you have always dreamed of. Holding your reception in a unique or unusual setting like a historic building allows you to add your own personal touches to everything from the decor of the building to choosing unique lighting for the grounds.
Q. How careful should I be with my budget?
A. When planning your wedding there are many expenses to be aware of. The caterer, florist, photographer, musicians and DJ, videographer, site rental fees, etc. can quickly add up. When getting quotes from all of the vendors that you choose, immediately deduct that from your starting budget. This will help you avoid any last minute surprises that might come up the day of your event.
Q. Should I arrange for a tasting with my caterer?
A. Yes. A personalized tasting allows you to sample different of the meal that will be served at your reception. You should be satisfied beforehand with everything from the entree and bread all the way down to the pastas and sauces that are served. Try to avoid caterers that want you to sample a set tasting menu - you might enjoy what you are served, but it won’t necessarily help you with your own menu.
Q. What are the event site’s staff responsibilities during my event?
A. The site staff serves several purposes. Site staff acts as added security for your reception as well as for the protection of the facility itself. This insures the refund of your security deposit as well as an extra pair of hands during the event. The staff of the facility also acts as a liaison for your guests if questions arise: taxis, directions, extension of the reception hours, etc.