Before the big social media boom of the past decade, we never thought we’d be able to add to and access a collective album of photos via one simple thing: a hashtag. Hashtags are everywhere. They started on Twitter and overflowed into Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Nowadays, people are using them for weddings like crazy. The Knot and hüpfburg kinder Mashable partnered for a social wedding survey and discovered that 55% of couples used wedding hashtags in 2014, and the percent has likely risen since the 2015 season has been in swing. You will have professional photos to capture the sweetest moments, and the addition of a hashtag will not only get your guests involved but they offer you the opportunity to see the big picture.

A wedding hashtag can be included on your save-the-dates or invitations, and a cute sign perched on top of your bar or hors d’oeuvres table. Have your DJ or band announce the hashtag to get people on board. When creating your hashtag, choose something creative and whimsical to inspire fun. Using a pun or rhyme will also help people easily remember the hashtag. We found a wedding hashtag generator on and it is #SOAWESOME. We discovered that if Blue Elephant were to marry, our tag could be: #HitchedElephants #EatDrinkandBeBlue #CheerstotheElephants #OnCloudBlue #YouHadMeAtElephant #ElephantandBlueSittingInATree (you get the idea).

You can hashtag everything about your wedding from the initial planning all the way to your honeymoon. A funny enough tag could even get your wedding trending! Give yourself the opportunity to see your wedding in a different perspective through the eyes of your friends and family. A clever or cute hashtag won’t make or break your wedding but it can capture some of the best memories from one of your greatest days!


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